Workshop Information

Workshop Information

Sexual Identity and the Church: Reframing Church Ministry in a Changing Culture

(A Workshop for Pastors and Churches)

Sexuality and Identity have become explosive topics in our culture and the church has struggled to respond in loving and appropriate ways that generate light instead of heat. We are left with the big questions of why? and How?

The Identify Network is passionate about serving the local church and the ministry leaders within, from pastors and elders to lay ministry leaders. We believe the church is God’s body for transforming hearts and shaping identity. However, complex moral questions and a rapidly changing culture leave many of us asking more questions than answers we have. And too often ministry surrounding sexual and gender identity is fraught with misunderstanding and hurtful postures. We want to serve and be a part of seeing God glorified in the churches response to this great need among our people and in our culture.

Below is a brief snapshot of topics and a structure for our training. One of the most important things to remember is that we are flexible to listen to you and help design a ministry training that meets the needs of your leaders.

Session One (Paradigms and Understandings: Foundations for Sexual Identity Ministry)

-Testimony (brief how I got here and why Identify)
-Image of God as a theological commitment
-The Gospel and the Image as a paradigm
-Sexual Identity and Identity in Christ
-understanding same-sex Attraction and homosexuality
-Helpful reflections on ministry and posture

Session Two (Reframing Church Ministry: Sexuality and Identity)

-A commitment to counseling and shepherding (suggestions for what works)
-The role of biblical community
-Missional Communities/Small Groups as a core

Session Three (Community and Culture: Reaching out)

-The posture of the Church to the Gay Community
-The prophetic voice of the Church and the political realm
-Walls and fences (Boundaries) (when and where to build or tear down)
-Practicality of loving your neighbor


Our training workshop is exactly as it sounds. This is a hands-on and highly discussion oriented training. We welcome questions and have built-in creative times for discussion and reflection. training and discussion are balanced in our training. This training can be done in one day or expanded to a two-day format.


We offer flexible payment options for our training workshop. Contact us to discuss the options that can meet your staff/congregational needs.


*Please follow the booking link on the homepage to begin the process of allowing us to come and serve you.

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