Resourcing: Families, Communities, Congregations

A gospel centered resource hub for those who desire to impact their church, home, and community.

The website you are currently reading is more than an online presence to inform readers about our network. We desire our website to be a resource hub for all who and visit.  We recognize that one of the greatest ways to promote growth and change is through offering gospel-centered resources and making those resources easily accessible. is our answer to that need. Within our website, you will find opportunities to connect through prayer as well as sharing stories and listening to the stories of others that have applied a gospel framework to their struggle with sexual identity and same-sex attraction. We believe prayer is essential, and that stories are powerful, so you will found outlets for each on our website.

We also want to foster dialog and conversation with leaders and thinkers that are impacting the discussion on sexuality within the church and culture. To that end, we will be featuring a monthly podcast that will be made available to you as a resource. Our website will also feature articles from various writers in the church. The articles will address important aspects of the topic of sexuality and will range from theory to personal commentary, as well as research and biblical teaching.

Finally, we will give you chances to have your questions and topics of concern answered and addressed. The website will feature questions and answers as well as videos that speak to important topics or areas of concern within the discussion of sexual identity and same-sex attraction.  We will provide multiple ways for you to stay engaged through our bi-weekly newsletter, our blog (, and various social media outlets. We believe these outlets will make us accessible to you as well as provide up to date resources. We believe resources help the effort to resource the church well on the issues facing us concerning sexual identity and same-sex attraction.

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