Partnering: Identify Network, Churches, and Individuals

Connecting those seeking help with Biblical Community.

One of our purposes at the Identify Network is to be a connection between churches that desire to partner with us and those individuals that are in need of the local church(community,counseling, and discipleship). It is our belief that long-term counseling, discipleship, and shepherding are best practiced and receive the best results in the context of a covenant community.

When we counsel we move quickly to establish a connection and a relationship between the local church and those who are coming to us. To make this connection, we are always actively seeking churches that will partner with us in the process of seeing individuals walk in freedom and wholeness before the Lord. We want to be a conduit for what the Lord intends to do in the life of those seeking.

We hold to a Biblical theology paradigm and a Biblical counseling practice.  We help individuals understand sexuality and identity through a Christian explanatory framework using the biblical categories of creation, fall, redemption and restoration. We counsel from a Biblical counseling paradigm. Our paradigm sees God as a good and loving father who understands and has better visions for our sexual identity than we ever could. We seek to apply all the Bible’s principles, precepts, and wisdom in helping individuals understand themselves and their hearts through the lens God offers. We believe Biblical counsel is best suited to help individuals find their identity in the cross of Christ and resurrection life.

If you desire to partner with us, we would love to talk to you and your staff about this process and how we can be of service to you. Below you will find a link to our email. Please include everything you believe we should know before contacting you as well as the times that are best to schedule a conversation. We will be in touch with you to schedule shortly after receiving your email.

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