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It is our desire that the answers to the questions listed on our website be a launching point to further discussion and framing for your ministry our your personal needs. These answers are not intended to be exhaustive. More can always be said and quite honestly, as the conversation and situations go forward, we should expect more need for nuance. We approach the issue of same-sex attraction and gender identity thoughtfully and with a great amount of nuance. Please consider the whole picture of what we are saying. We do not intend for our answers to fit neatly in a labeled box and do not expect that they will. However, we do intend that our answers will help fulfill one of our greatest goals as a ministry, which is to help the church reframe ministry around sexual identity and gender identity. We welcome your feedback and further questions should you have them.

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*Throughout the course of the questions and answers we hope you will see a consistency that bends towards grace and understanding while remaining true to who God is and how he has revealed himself to us. We recognize that there is a great amount of debate that is ongoing within our culture and the church, around these issue. There are many sources we can draw from but in keeping with our perspective and what we believe to be true, some perspectives will be highlighted. below is a list of resources and/or authors that you will find their perspectives flowing throughout our answers because we have been highly impacted by them. This is to say much of what we have to say has been impacted by the influences below and you should expect to see some of their arguments and line of thinking within our answers. To the best of our knowledge if we directly quote an author or work we make note of that within the answer. this is both for your benefit in tracking down resources as well as the integrity of The Identify Network.

Influences (for our perspective and answers here):

*Dr. Mark Yarhouse
*Dr. Ed Welch
*Dr. Paul David Tripp
*Dr. N.T. Wright
*Dr. Richard Hayes
*Sam Alberry
*Ed Shaw
*Wesley Hill
*Dr. Stanley Grenz
*Dr. Tim Lane
*Stanton Jones
*Kevin DeYoung
*Glenn Stanton
*Debra Hirsch
*Dr. Michael Brown
*Dr. Robert Gagnon
*Dr. Daniel Heimbach
*Sherif Girgis
*Preston Sprinkle
*Adam Barr

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