Why Identify Network

The purpose of The Identify Network is to resource and equip the local church to take the primary role in counseling, shepherding, and discipling individuals and families living with the reality of same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria. Further, our purpose is to be a counseling connection for those looking for help and for churches partnering with us to offer counseling and discipleship.

Pastors and their churches want to help those living with same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria. However, most do not know what to say and lack the resources to help.  Most individuals and families seeking help must find it outside of the local church. Churches are facing irrelevance at a time when they need to help the most. The result is that the Church often speaks about same-sex attracted individuals and their families rather than learning to listen and walk with them in their effort to reconcile with God. The model and conversation in the Church should be one of sacrifice and empathy towards those in need of counseling and care.

The Bible describes the church, as a hope where the greatest answer in life, the Gospel, is applied to the greatest process in life, sanctification. We believe that the church should be a place that people can and should walk openly in triumphant brokenness. We share a common brokenness through the fall and are offered a common hope through the Gospel. Change (the process of moving from identification with self to identification with Christ), happens best in the context of a biblical community prepared to walk well and love well. The Identify Network seeks to be a part of bridging the gap between the need and the readiness that exists in the body of Christ.

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