In a world of rapidly shifting public opinion regarding sexuality, I’m thankful for my friend, Dan Chappell. He has the unique ability to communicate truth in love—all because of the way God showed grace to Dan himself. If you have a friend of family member struggling with sexual identity, you need to visit with the Identify Network.

Steve Bezner, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor
Houston Northwest Baptist Church




Perhaps the most important question every person faces is “Who am I?” Even more so the man or woman who struggles with same-sex attraction. There are so many competing and conflicting voices, inside and outside. And so much pain. Dan and Casey wisely follow not just the voice but also the heart of Jesus, as they lead such men and women to the wisdom and compassion of Christ the Lord. They bring their gifts of teaching and mercy to His church, as competent ministers of His good news, providing support and resources to assist us in this particular part of the rescue mission of God.

Sam Williams Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Counseling
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary




Living in a world of instant information, there is a bombardment of opinions on everything – including sexuality. It can be difficult to navigate through the varied voices; it is no surprise there is so much confusion today. One of the biggest challenges within Christian schools is helping teens discern the truth. I am so grateful Dan and Casey Chappell are providing a source of support for Christian schools in today’s culture. These resources demonstrate truth within a biblical context of grace – one that has been offered directly to them. The Identify Network is a valuable tool that equips schools to guide students to the truth regarding sexuality and identity, and to help those students struggling with sexual identity.

Leslie Welch, Ed.D.
Bible Department Chair
Southwest Christian School




In a sea of sexual and gender confusion, I am grateful for the work that Christ has done in Dan Chappell and look forward to how God will use Dan and Identify Network to bless, equip, and partner with local churches!

Ben Durand
Senior Pastor
North Roxboro Baptist Church

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